Focus Pocus

Focus Pocus

The world is moving at a fast pace. We have more and more things to do and less time to focus. We have to keep up with everything and we have to learn something new everyday.  We lose our focus easily and we do things superficial just to have the “to do” list checked at the end of the day. We lie to ourselves that we are productive and we manage to do a large amount of things in such little time. But if we look back sometimes we don’t really remember how we did them, because we were there only physically, but our mind was already at the next point of the list. And after a while we realize how things start falling apart around us and a big question mark pops up in our head and doesn’t seem to want to leave. That’s when we become even more stressed, we develop major depressions and we spend our days in a state of daze and confusion. Or even worse we try to cover everything up with a pretty rug and hope that nobody will notice it.

In our part of Europe, one of the many things that we were told when we were little was that we have to be good at everything. Just like little robots. No mistakes allowed. We  had to ace every class in school, even though we were’n really interested in it  or it was something that our brain couldn’t manage to understand. Didn’t matter, you try until you make it in all. So you have over 15 different subjects in which you have to be the best. Not to mention extracurricular activities.

I remember one talk I had some years ago with one of my relatives. I was trying to explain the fact that I admit that I am not good in many things and that I am not even interested in being good in those. I want to be the best in what I do and just that. Why should I know how to do a thousand things? One cannot be the best in everything, we have to accept it. That’s why we have the division of labour. If I am a great painter, why should I try to be good at math too? After that talk I became the black sheep of the family, I was called unobedient and insolent. Couldn’t care less, really.

The problem with us people is that we don’t know how to focus anymore. We don’t know how to  pick just one goal and let everything else go. You have to choose what’s the most important for you and give it all to that.

The idea for this post came after a talk I had with one of my friends. She told me: “You know what’s the secret in getting what you want? Focusing! Leave everything else behind. You have a dead-line and until you reach it, you have to focus all your strengths into your goal. That’s the only way. No distractions.”. And yes, she is more than right, but there’s a question hunting me: do we, the modern people how we call ourselves now, know how to do that anymore? We have so much going on, we are bombed by emails, messages, calls that need immediate answer, we have three or four projects going on at once and we care about them all, we want them all. We have friends that need help, family that needs attention. We don’t know how to say “No” anymore, we’ve lost the meaning of prioritization and we don’t know how to distinguish good from bad.

So in the end, all that’s left to do is to disconnect from everything and reconnect to our inner self.