Colourful world by Iris Grace

If you already haven’t heard about a 6 years old girl called Iris Grace get prepared to be amazed. Iris is only six, but she’s already famous for her paintings that are part of private collections all over the world. She started three years ago and as her work was quite astonishing, her parents decided to share it with the world.


It turns out that Iris has autism, but has found a way to express herself with brushes and a canvas. Her parents used the attention their daughter got in world wide media back in 2013 to raise awareness of her condition and inspire other families that might be facing similar difficulties. While Iris is just starting to talk, she is able to paint in a style that is far beyond her years. Some will say it’s close to Monet and impressionism with all the bright colours and shapes.


Her mother, Arabella Carter-Johnson, said to The Independent:

“She will watch water, trees, wind, leaves, flowers, birds, clouds… she is so interested in movement and how it changes things.”

We simply can’t decide what is cuter: Iris, her therapy cat or her breath-taking paintings. We encourage you to visit her website and find out more about her condition.

iris grace




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