Haters gonna hate

Lately I had this quote stuck in my head and it got me thinking. Miss Coco Chanel (strong and fascinating woman) said:” I don’t care what you think about me. I don’t think about you at all.” There it was, perfectly phrased, short and yet with everything said.

In the era of internet, people feeling like they need to have opinions about everything and everyone, and empathy being so incredibly low – we all need to have Coco’s attitude from time to time. Let’s face it, we left high school long time ago (well, not that long ago, I’m not old or anything) but we will still face criticism, comments and even gossips about us. Now, let’s start from criticism. It can be a very good thing to get constructive criticism and in that situation you have to turn your ego off and listen. This is a big learning opportunity and you should not miss the chance to work on improving yourself. When it comes to comments they will always hunt us, now more than ever in the the social media era. What you need to do here is to filter. If you heard someone said something bad about you, it tells more about them and what kind of person he/she is. Is the person who said even someone that matters in your life? If not – well the hell with them, why care about what they think anyway? If it is someone from your close circle, a conversation probably needs to happen. Just clear things up and see what actually happened. From criticism and comments to the lowest point of human interaction – gossiping. My face cringes as I write the word and I feel like we don’t need to pay much attention to this. If someone has enough free time to be gossiping about you, well isn’t it punishment enough that they’re basically wasting their time. Rise above it and stay cool, in a few days a new gossip will come and people will forget about what they were saying.


People who love you and care about you will tell you what they think in your face. The ones that do it behind your back usually don’t even matter. So be like Coco, don’t waste your energy and time (or if you’re sensitive even your emotions) on what we call ‘haters’ nowadays. Their comments usually come out of the place of insecurity or jealousy, so know that they already have it bad and be kind. Spread love, no hate.


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  1. i was just thinking about empathy the other day. there really is very little of it in this world, which is a shame. especially with the events of last week in europe, the amount of hatred and nonsense spread was really disheartening. i think with empathy, we are either born with it or we grow into it. i know i grew into mine. i never really thought about certain things until i hit rock bottom myself. going through such extreme hardships really opened my eyes and brought understanding. it’s one of the things i am grateful for in going through all this.


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