Eveline 8in1 Total Action Nail Conditioner

Recently D told you about her hair struggles and the magic solution (read about it here), and now it’s my turn to recommend something that helped me a lot. Since she’s got your hair covered, I thought I can share my nail miracle worker aka Eveline 8in1 Total Action Nail Conditioner. It made my nails strong and pretty, and I can’t imagine my life without it anymore. It’s that good!

It was this past summer that I was talking with my cousin and I complimented her nails as they were looking very nice, but very natural as well. Of course I knew there was some nail polish involved, as nails are not shiny by nature (it would be nice if they were, right?), but I’ve never seen such great results with just see-through nail polish. So, the girly talk started and she recommended me to try out Eveline Cosmetics that I’ve never heard of before. Her friend recommended it to her, and now it was Sara’s time to pass the nail wisdom on to me. I nodded my head listening to her praise it and explaining how her nails are much stronger and can grow much longer since she started using it. I was so curious that I immediately tried it on, as she was kind enough to let me test her’s before buying my own. I was instantly hooked. Well, after 3 layers that is. With every new layer I put on, my nails were looking better and better. I went and bought mine in the nearest cosmetic shop and I’ve been happily in love ever since.

Eveline 8in1 Total Action Nail Conditioner

The nail polish comes in a box, and you have an explanation how to use it there. It is not to be used as base or top coat, so you will have to go colourless for a bit, but your nails will still look great. My tip is to put 3 layers on, and after a week or so, if it gets off just clean the nails and do it again. Your nails will become stronger and for me that means that I can grow them out if I want to. The nail plate gets this pretty pink shade, while the tip becomes whiter. It’s like magic, I swear. I didn’t break a nail in months! I’ve been walking around tell all my girl friends about it, and now I wanted to share it with you guys.

I hope you will give it a go and if you do, please, let me know what you think. What are other nail products you can’t live without?


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