Online shopping a.k.a. therapy time

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy online shopping very much (well, any kind of shopping really). But strangely enough, I also enjoy online “window shopping”. I say strangely because in real life I don’t like gazing into shop windows that much.

The virtual shop I stopped in this time is, a website that offers a high variety of items at affordable prices.

newchic wishlist

I had 50€ to spend so I had to do it wisely, that being said I should mention that the first thing my eyes stopped on were the “Best Bitches” necklaces, because Ivona and me have to have this, of course.


Next I went for faux leather leggings because I really need a new pair, even though I bought one (same model, but from another store) not long ago. If you have a big dog, you will understand #scratches.


The third item on my list was the suede cardigan below, that looks amazing and I hope it will feel soft like heaven (don’t you think heaven is soft?).


As you can see if you click on the pictures, all of them have a discount of almost 50%. As an inside tip I have to tell you that they will even give you a further discount if you reach a certain sum. More than that, our readers (yes, you!) have 20% if they (you, again! *confetti emoji here*) by inserting “blog20off” at checkout!

I should receive the package in one to 3 weeks, but to tell you the truth I like forgetting about stuff I bought and then receiving it. It’s like someone is giving you a surprise present (I know, I am weird!)

I will let you know when I receive my package and how it went. In the mean time, let us know which is your favorite online shop and what tips you have for online shopping.


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