5 TV series you have to know about

There are certain movies and songs that after you listen to/watch them, they occupy a little place in your heart forever.

For me, the same thing goes for TV series too, and more than that I feel a bit hurt when someone doesn’t know one of my all times favorites (and if they want to be friends with me, I make them watch  it – call it a friendship test *I’m evil that way*). Also most of my jokes revolve around certain TV shows. So here are 5 TV series everybody has to know about:


Forever and always in my heart! It hurts that I cannot make Friends jokes with some people (that being said I have to confess that my “funniness” comes from Friends jokes, I am just not funny in Italian, it takes me for ever to translate something and at the end of the day how and why would you translate “How you doin’?”?!). FRIENDS has taught us all so many things, but the most important thing was to find our friends and never let them go! (*sobbing* I just made myself cry, I could totally kick Ross’ ass at making people cry!


    That 70s Show

    Because Red Forman is the greatest dad evaah! Such a funny show and watching it the seventh time over I understood many new things. They talk about teenage years, about love, about fighting for your rights, the passage to adulthood and many other things. You get to see a young and hot (as always) Ashton Kutcher, a really funny Will Valderama and many more (Mila Kunis, Laura Prepton and others). That being said, “Good day! I said Good day!”



    Ooh, the show about nothing. That’s right, in the 90’s they made a show about nothing. A show made by Jerry Seinfeld (that today is doing Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee – another nice show that you can watch directly online, no Netflix needed) and Larry David about the daily life of a comedian (Jerry Seinfeld). A show that gets in your heart very easy. I can still hear every now and then the coach saying Cantstandya and Kramer, oh Kramer I will forever be your fan!Quote-Season-9-seinfeld-23308767-500-375


    This one is more recent (early 2000), but I loved it very much so. Scrubs is a medical comedy-drama TV series (how Wikipedia describes it), one of the first series with doctors and hospitals and everything around it that I have ever loved. Scrubs-image-scrubs-36110076-500-420

    The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

    Or the story of how I fell in love with Will Smith (still love him *wink-wink*). I remember watching this show with my daddy and laughing so much (getting sentimental again, are we? – reference to Miranda, I told you I talk in TV series quotes). From time to time my boyfriend still sings the opening theme (Italian version though), that’s how much he liked it too. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is another show that stays in your heart forever.uncle-phil-quote-3

Hope you enjoyed my reminiscing of the old days and great TV series. What else would you add on the list and what quote just stayed in your mind forever?


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