Greg Klassen Design Crush

I love innovative design. I can easily fall in love with a cool product, and that is exactly what happened with Greg Klassen’s work. I was first introduced to his design by stumbling upon the river table. I was really amazed by it so I had to search for more.

Greg Klassen

What makes Greg’s pieces unique is that his work starts with picking out a slab of wood. After that the whole creating process revolves around accentuating the natural beauty of this raw material. All the patterns, textures and details that may even seem as imperfections, are polished and used in his designs. With wood being his main material, Greg added a gorgeous twist to his river table product by adding some glass pieces to it. Instead of using the glass just to cover the wooden surface, designer inserted it in between wooden panels. The glass has a very unusual form, and will immediately make you think of nature and rivers. This amazing touch turns a coffee table into a masterpiece. What may make you appreciate these pieces even more, is that they are produced by one man, not a company. Also, they are hand-made in true sense of the word and are real pieces of functioning art.

Greg Klassen

Greg Klassen studied theology before he got into furniture design. He trained his craft in California’s redwood coast and an island village in Sweden. He’s been featured in numerous magazines and has won many design awards. All of that seems like a natural consequence of his work, because the most important thing is how his pieces make you feel. Maybe it’s because I grew up in a city with two rivers, but this design really stole my heart. Hope that one day it will be a part of my home.


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