I am one of those lucky people that have many friends around them and know that there will always be someone to hold my hand and lift me up. Friendship is something that you have to know how to grow and how to treasure. Apparently not many people know how to do that. Sometimes we take the people around us for granted and we don’t realize that friendship is a two ways street, you have to give if you want to get.

A while ago I thought that everyone has at least one best friend, that friend that will always be there and will always have time to listen to your non-sense, but life taught me that it’s not exactly like that. There are people that might confuse your friendship with something else and that will not see you trying to reach out to them. People that for certain reasons don’t believe that there is someone that cares about them, it seems impossible. I grew up in considering my friends my family. We were always together, we were always there for each other and when times seemed rough we knew how to make it better.

We, here at The Smoke Detector, treasure friendship a lot. This whole project was born out of a beautiful friendship that at first seemed a bit impossible. And we love our friends and having them around. And sometimes a friend might be a person that you haven’t seen in so too long, but it’s still a friend. And sometimes you don’t need to talk everyday to know that they are still there. A friend is that one person that will always know to see behind your smile and that will always tell you when you need to get your shit together.

This is to remind you all that you are not alone in this world, to remind you to call your friends, take them out for a coffee, laugh together at the little things and tell them how much you care about them, because yes, as cheesy it may sound, tomorrow might be too late!

So guys, go and hug a friend!


Co-founder of The Smoke Detector, social media manager, writer, art lover, dog-petter, music listener.


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