Hans Gedda, the master of portraits

They say a photo is worth more than a 1.000 words. You can agree or not, but it’s certain that good photography will capture your attention and draw you in. And if it’s a portrait, it will reveal a hidden part of the subject that’s being photographed. That’s what Hans Gedda did throughout his work, earning himself a title of a master.

Hans Gedda

Hans is one of Sweden’s most notable photographers, who became known worldwide for his portraits of famous and important people. Gedda made his artistic debut as a teenager, making his break through in the 60’s with his portrait work. Besides that, he’s been working with commercial photography up to this day, mixing his creative side with the demands of the market.

hans gedda

Among many fascinating persons that he captured though his lens are Nelson Mandela, Andy Warhol, Jimi Hendrix, Olof Palme and many others. Various exhibitions around the world also show his self-portraits, still life and documentary projects. To discover more of his work visit Hans Gedda website.

hans gedda

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