2017 Pirelli Calendar goes Photoshop free

We already shared our love for it last year, and for 2017 Pirelli Calendar continues to charm us into loving it even more.

2017 Pirelli Calendar making of

Pirelli Calendar is a legend on its own, standing against time and maintaining its quality and status. It traditionally captures beauty of some of the world’s most stunning women as seen through the lens of world’s greatest photographers. However, the reason we’ve been crushing on it lately, is the fact that they are embracing the diversity and showing us all shapes, colours and ages of beauty.

This year the task was confided to Peter Lindbergh that captured a series of emotional black and white photographs. He decided to cast world’s best actresses from different generations, that have a huge talent and have got something to say. He said he wanted this calendar to be “…like a cry against the terror of perfection and youth.”  Choosing not to do any retouching on his photos certainly helps the fight against unrealistic beauty standards. Instead of revealing nudity by unveiling their body parts, Peter decided to show another kind of nudity – emotional, raw one. All of the ladies that he captured agreed that he’s the master that captures parts of the soul in his work and that posing for him was “like being interviewed by a camera” as Uma Thurman put it.

“We are used to such spectacular images with such amazing locations and when you look at Vogue magazine or any magazine or the earlier Pirelli calendars, these amazing locations and incredible lighting and airbrushing,” Helen Mirren said. “And so you have this amazing image and here we’re going away from that and saying: ‘No. Let’s find the amazing in something that’s simple and human and real.'”

The amazing group of women also includes Julienne Moore, Nicole Kidman, Lupita Nyong’o, Alicia Vikander, Penelope Cruz, Kate Winslet and Charlotte Rampling among others.


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