Our Open Road

The story of Our Open Road shows the magic that happens when you let go of your fear and go after your dreams.

People will often fantasize about quitting their jobs and traveling the world. In case of this family, they actually did it! They started their journey back in 2012, deciding to spend a year traveling around South America, and they haven’t stopped ever since. Their website called Our Open Road allows us to peek into their world of adventures that sure is extraordinary.

I just recently discovered their story on the Garance Dore blog and I felt really impressed and inspired by it. It started with the three of them, Adam, Emily & Colette Harteau, that left California ready to discover something new and have found a whole new life for themselves. After five months on the road, they realised that a year isn’t going to be enough, and they decided to embrace the nomad life without the end in sight. Somewhere during their new life journey they welcomed their second daughter Sierra that was born in Brazil.

Adam is an artist and Emily is a fashion designer and a chef. To make their vision come into life they used options like garage sales and Kickstarter campaign. Still, after a few months in, after realising the their trip won’t last just a year, they needed to secure some kind of income. After some brainstorming and trying out different things they now host a 24 Hours Bazar, flash sales that they host from the road, selling curated, fair trade, artisan local goods that they come along and that vary based on their location. Adam is still working on his art and Emily is currently working on a cook book. While showers are the thing that is a bit tricky to find, none of these obstacles can hold them down. We look forward to see where their life in van will take them next.

To discover more and keep updated with their adventures make sure to follow Our Open Road Instagram page. Prepare yourself for breath-taking images.


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