5 things you didn’t know you needed

A few days ago I was wandering off on the Internet “streets” and I ended up on Fancy.com. I don’t know if I ever told you about how much I love this website! It’s just amazing and you can find so many interesting things there.

I started to dig deeper and deeper, hours flew by, food got cold, boyfriend was pissed and money was spent, but boy was I happy. So I decided to share with you 5 things that you never knew you needed but now that you know of their existence..you just can’t live without them.

Ruggie Alarm Clock Rug

Finally an alarm clock that will definitely not let you sleep in, because you’ll have to get out of the bed to stop it. It comes with a USB cable so you can plug it in your computer and add your favorite song to wake you up. Just amazing!

One Trip Grip Bag Holder

We know you like shopping just like we do – the more the merrier, so most of the times you end up with so many bags that you should go and buy another hand. Well not anymore, cause the One Grip Bag Holder is here to rescue you!

LightWedge Reading Light

I know you’re going to say that you have Kindle now and you need no light amazing thingy, but for all the others that just like us still think that reading a book in the “old fashion way” is better, LightWedge reading light is here to illuminate those restless nights when you feel like reading even when the others are sound asleep.

MicroLuggage Scooter

For all of us out there that are always late to catch the train, airplane, bus, you name it! Now the MicroLuggage Scooter will give you the gift of speed! How can one live without it?!

Port Solar Charger

A solar charger for your always-dying-phone! A solar charger! Enough said.

So here’s the list of things that I need to have, because now that I know that they exist I just can’t live without them! What else would you add?


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  1. I’ve actually seen someone use the scooter luggage bag in an airport and toally think it would be a fun thing to put to use haha.

    – Avalon from simplyavalon.blogspot.com

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