This month we’ll be… (March ’16)

March is here (woop, woop!) and as the Spring is almost here, we share with you what we’ll be up to and what we look forward to for March ’16.

I’m listening to…

Iv – Meditation tapes. I started using Headspace app (Thanks for recommending it Linda!) and I am slowly learning how to slow my mind and meditate. Wish me luck and I’ll let you know how it goes.

D – Everything happy! I am planning to have a happy, clappy month and usually music can set/change my mood. Also everything on LifeGate Radio when I’m in the car (if you are living in Italy, give it a try!).

I’m reading…

Iv – 3 books at the same time, which I usually never do! But, since they are so different it somehow works, and I have one for relaxing (Mindy Kaling Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?), one for inspiration (Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich) and one that makes me think (Naomi Wolf The Beauty Myth). I recommend all three.

D – right now I am peaking into one of my boyfriend’s books – “Emotional Intelligence” by Daniel Goleman, I’ve been eyeing it for a while now and we’ve always been flirting, but now I’ve decided to take it serious. After this I’ll be going for “Daring Greatly” by Brene Brown.

I’ll be wearing…

Iv – I hope to finally get out of my heavy winter jacket and wear something lighter. Also, I plan to spend a lot of time in my new white sneakers. Love them!

D – As Iv, I cannot wait to get out of my winter jacket (which by now is black with white hair – *the “perks” of having a white dog*) and get in my leather jacket on! Also I plan on buying the perfect casual dress that I will not get out of this month, I’ll let you know how that goes!

march 16

I am grateful for…

Iv – I am grateful that my family and friends are healthy. We tend to take health for granted, when in reality it’s the biggest blessing.

D – Everything coming my way, good or bad, that helps me grow in a way I never thought of.

I look forward to…

Iv – I am grateful that spring is coming, and there will be more sunny days ahead. I look forward to coffee breaks in the garden soaking up the sun and fresh air.

D – A little Spring holiday. Oh please, thank you!

I can’t resist…

Iv – Ice-cream. But that goes for all year round. Also books, and ordering new titles even before I finish reading what I have.

D – Anything sweet! And especially chocolate and cheese cakes!

I’m inspired by…

Iv – Spring and the nature awakening. I want to do a big spring cleaning and go through my closet to see what will stay and what I’ll donate. I am very much in the ‘less is more’ state of mind right now.

D – Just like Iv said, nature all the way. The humming of the birds, the rays of Sun, the flowers peaking out. Let’s get this March party started! 🙂

Ivona Josipovic

Ivona Josipovic is a co-founder of The Smoke Detector, writer, fashion stylist, social media manager, curious creature, chocolate lover.


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