5 Girl Power Movies

There is this big male dominance in Hollywood and while guys are rocking the big screen, it seems like girls almost never have the same badass stories. I hope that things are changing for better and that we’ll see more strong female characters that we can be inspired by. There are some movies that are on my list of favorites that show brave independent women in charge. I’m sharing those in hope that you’ll find them inspiring too. Here are 5 girl power movies to watch and share with your friends. Get that popcorn ready.

Thelma and Louise – This is a classic one. I’ve heard a lot about it and recently got the chance to watch it for the first time. It is a cool story about two friends that get into trouble. I enjoyed many different segments of this movie: their friendship and struggles and how they cheered for each other all the way till the end. Also, a young handsome Brad Pitt wasn’t hard to look at either 😉


Joy – We get to see Jennifer Lawrence and Robert de Niro in this one, just to name a few. It is a story about a single mom that fights to make her business idea successful. She encounters many obstacles and has to fight to survive in the men’s world. Needless to say, she becomes quite a bad-ass along the way.

Mad Max – This one has a bit more action and is very famous for being shot a certain way. But, I want to focus on Charlize Theron that is a fearless leader in this film. She is fighting for the humankind with the help of other strong girls.

the dressmaker

The Dressmaker – I can just say Kate Winslet, right? Placed in a very small town, this story resonated with me because it shows the power of fashion in transforming one’s life. I enjoyed the amazing costumes and Kate’s wonderful performance while she tries to shake off the ghosts of the past and make a life for herself.

death proof girl power movies

Death Proof – Tarantino has a lot of girl power moments in his films. He also has some scenes of violence, and they appear here too but very briefly. The first part of the story shows us the bad guy that did horrible things to some girls, and the second one (that was my favorite) is where another group of girls teaches him a lesson.

Please share what your favorite girl power movies that inspire you are and I’ll make sure to watch.

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