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A few weeks ago me and one of my best friends decided to have a girls trip to Genoa. We just needed a break from the hectic day to day life and just relax and, well catch up since we are living in different countries.

So we started to check for different accommodations in order to find something that would satisfy us both. After long surfs on, airbnb and others we found it – a very cute apartment close to the aquarium. So when the time came, we hopped into the car and off we were.


When we got there we met with our host, Mrs. Graziella who was very warm and pleasant and eager to help us with anything we would need. She even gave us her parking place for a night. The apartment was just lovely, perfect actually, with two spacious rooms and full of history. We didn’t get to know our host that well, but seeing that house made me understand that she has many interesting stories to tell. Bottom line is if you are planning a trip to Genoa, renting her apartment is a must.

Eating out

We arrived in Genoa around 7 pm and got installed. Shortly after our tummies started to rumble, so we knew it was dinner time. Since we didn’t know anything there, it was time for TripAdvisor to come to the rescue. Locanda Spinola was the winner that evening and after eating there, we realized we are actually very good at picking stuff – first the house and now the dinner! Everything was perfect, starting with the food (I am still drooling thinking about it!), the wine and the atmosphere in general. We stayed three nights in Genoa and we had dinner twice there, that’s how good it was.


Around the city

Genoa is a very beautiful city, not too far from Milan (almost two hours by car). You have many places to visit there, probably the most known is the Aquarium. One very big aquarium that is. The cost to enter is 25 euros, but it is worth it (also we did find Nemo, yey! Didn’t find Dory though, if you have any information on where she is, let me know).


We walked around the city a lot and got to see many of the beauties Genoa has to offer and every move we made, every breath we took (hihi) made us love it more. I actually would like to see it again and I would recommend it to everyone.

So let me know if you ever visited Genoa and if so which was your favorite place there?


Doina Tatu

Doina Tatu is a co-founder of The Smoke Detector, social media manager, writer, art lover, dog-petter, music listener.


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