“Sex and the City” is (probably) coming back

Sex and the City was probably every woman’s favorite show of all times. I already lost count of how many times I re-watched all the seasons out there.

Sex and the city

This Sunday all the “Sex and the City” fanatics  got a new reason to binge watch (yet again) everything SATC out there – Sarah Jessica Parker told the Press Association there is always a possibility that a comeback could happen. Even though the news has the word “possibility” in it, our heart got racing hearing it. I have so many ideas in my head about how things could have develop in all this SATC-less years, that I could fill three books (I will not!).

With all the legendary TV series comebacks this year (just a month and a half until the new GILMORE GIRLS! season), we could totally see it happen. Give us at least an episode..or two..ok, we want a full season! And we want it now!

I leave you with the scenes below to remind you why we love them so much and the (yet) unanswered question: will they or will they not?!

Doina Tatu

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