Victoria Beckham – the rise from Posh Spice to fashion royalty

It feels like Victoria Beckham has lived nine lives. We know her as Posh Spice, wife of David Beckham with whom she has four children, and an international style icon and fashion designer. But, her journey from Spice Girls to fashion royalty didn’t happen over night.

Now tell me what you want, what you really, really want? I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want – I want every single piece from Victoria’s collection. With her latest fashion show at New York Fashion Week, it seems that Victoria Beckham – both the woman and the brand – have come into their own. Watching the models walk down the runway I couldn’t help but feeling a bit surprised. I was actually excited to see the whole show once again and to pay attention to all the small details that were exquisite. Victoria took a step back from the body hugging dress that was her signature piece and she explored some new styles. She took the jump from being a lady of great taste and style to being an actual fashion designer whose show is one of the highlights of New York Fashion Week.

If you saw any paparazzi photos of Victoria from this summer, you might have gotten a taste of this collection. She is more relaxed with looser forms and flat shoes. She used fabrics like silk and velvet but gave them a fresh look by washing and crushing them to create textures. The colours were very dreamy with lilac and mint green pastels. I didn’t personally like those boots, but I was happy to see her step away from high heels. You can be chic while not sacrificing comfort. We really look forward to see more from Victoria Beckham as she gains more and more confidence as a fashion designer.


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