Fashion Mindfulness – Quality vs. Quantity

As everyone is talking about mindfulness, we discuss the meaning behind it and explore what happens when you decide to practice fashion mindfulness .

To slightly simplify a very complex subject we optioned to use this definition: “Mindfulness is the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.” For me it means to be present and to be aware of the bigger picture. That is why I want to incorporate this concept into my closet, as my wardrobe is a part of my life that has some magic powers to transform my moods and my days.

As I spent a last couple of months trying to revive my style and the excitement that I used to have about fashion (that suddenly decided to bail on me), I realised going back and trying to bring back my style was wrong. I am no longer the same girl who got up early in the weekends to go to Milan’s vintage markets and hunt for great finds. Now I’m a new me, slightly more minimalistic (I blame Sweden for that and also it happens to you after you’ve been moving a lot) and with a new set of priorities. I am more conscious and more informed (or dare I even say mindful) and that affects the way I look at fashion. So, what fashion lessons did I learn in the search of finding my style again? Here, let me tell you…

I found it really frustrating not having enough room in my closet to fit a toothpick, and still having nothing to wear. So, I decided that I need to clean out my closet and see what needs to go out and to embrace the philosophy of less is more. Think about it, you have so much clothes and you don’t have where to keep it, so you forget that you even have some of those things and you end up wearing… let’s say… half of it? Not to mention what kind of effect our consumerism has on the environment! We need to buy less, but buy better and we need to be aware that our choices have consequences.

So for me, and my still recovering sense of style, it is very important to clear out the closet and have everything organised. Also, being more aware of what I buy, how much I buy and do I really need/want that item is super important. I am now trying buying only pieces that I feel will really fit with what I already have and that really feel like me. No more “oh it’s not what I really need, but it’s on such a big discount” kind of buys, at least very rarely. And if I add up all the money that I save when eliminating purchases like those, I get to treat myself with something that I really love and that might be pricier but will probably also last a little bit longer. So, the new Ivona likes to see her wardrobe as a work in progress. As a beautiful collection of pieces that I love to wear, that reflect who I am and that can last me at least till I rediscover myself again.

How about you? Do you like to splurge on more pieces or invest in the statement ones? Let’s hear the story of your closet philosophy. 🙂

Ivona Josipovic

Ivona Josipovic is a co-founder of The Smoke Detector, writer, fashion stylist, social media manager, curious creature, chocolate lover.


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