TSD guide to Copenhagen

Copenhagen has been on my traveling list for a while and last weekend I finally got to go and visit the Danish capital city.

I’ve heard people talk about how Copenhagen is amazing and I’ve been waiting for a chance to go and see for myself if the city was going to charm me too. And I was charmed beyond words and not even the rain or the wind could make me not like it. I found myself smiling while looking at the colourful old buildings of Nyhavn, enjoying the vibrant architecture of the city and the mix of the old and the new.

The energy of the city suited me right from the beginning, and I don’t really know how to explain it, but if Copenhagen was a person I felt that we would be friends. As I live in Stockholm, it was inevitable to do some comparisons between the two cities, but I decided not to give into that. Both of them are beautiful places in their own ways and both have something special to offer. However, Copenhagen is Scandinavian enough to have a great sense of design and style, but European enough to have a slightly more relaxed and warm people (no offence to Swedes).

And to share a couple of tips on places to see and where to eat, I will first recommend Copenhagen Street Food. It is a food market filled with people going to grab a bite. It’s indoors so you can enjoy it all year round. We ate crispy duck (it was my first time trying duck) and it was delicious! So, if you feel hungry or want to grab a beer, this place offers a bunch of options under one roof. If you could see only one of the touristic attractions I would say go for Nyhavn and stare at it for hours from the other, less busy, side of the street. And, for seeing a different side of the town, go to Freetown Christiania, a place that is hard to explain and you just have to discover for yourself.

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Ivona Josipovic

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