How Scandi it girls do colorful style

While mostly known for minimalistic style and love of black, Scandinavia is also home to Scandi it girls that have amazing colorful style.

What a better way to brighten up long dark winter days than by adding some color to your life? Maybe that’s why some of my favorite examples of how to do colorful style come from Scandi it girls. And yes, while this region is mainly known for minimalistic style, there are people who color outside those lines.

When I first moved to Sweden a few years ago I fit right in with my minimal black/white/grey looks. I wasn’t too big on color, not even as a child, so it felt like home. But in the past year or two, something in me switched, and I found myself craving color. It started with small colorful detail. Then lead to a dark green coat and this summer it continued with happy florals and pastel dresses. And I have to say that I love it! Minimal and black are great from time to time, but colors are a lot of fun! Besides, if you only eat one dish all the time you are bound to get sick of it. So I’m happy to extend my fashion appetite.

Scrolling on Insta in search of inspo, as one does, I realized there is a group of Scandinavian girls that have fun colorful styles. Their outfits may not always match my taste, but even then I can appreciate their looks. Hoping they might inspire you too, I decided to share my fave Scandi it girls with colorful style that makes fashion fun.

Babba Rivera

Just like Babba says in the caption, never underestimate the effect of an outfit on your mood. And her outfits have a positive effect on my mood which is why I love her Instagram. Besides a great sense of style, Babba is a kick-ass businesswoman and proves that office looks not only don’t have to but should absolutely not be boring.

Hanna Stefansson


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Great minds think alike so it’s no surprise that Hanna Stefansson is great friends with Babba Rivera! Hanna has a retro style and her outfits often make me feel like I am flipping through pages of Vogue from the ’70s. Her style has nostalgic vibes and she often wears pieces that I can’t see many people being able to pull off. But it all looks so like her, authentic and cute as a button.

Sania Claus Demina


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moooood because I can finally smell spring ???

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Another lady that belongs to the colorful group of friends is Sania. She is a fashion stylist and shoe designer from Stockholm. Sania’s style is feminine and gravitates towards pastel colors. So not too colorful and loud, but still on point.

Emili Sindlev


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Sunset ?

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Emili is a fashion stylist from Denmark. Her style is a mix of prints and colors and fun. I imagine her closet looks like a colorful bomb exploded inside it. Her outfits are bold and never boring. I now have an urge to dress in colors of my favorite fruits thanks to Emili.

Fanny Ekstrand


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Gave this thrift dress more attention than my dog gets in.. a day??? on @hobnobjournal

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Fanny is a multi-talented lady based in Stockholm. I would describe her style as eclectic and with a fun twist. Personally, I wouldn’t wear most of the things she does, but I still like a bunch of her outfits. She often inspires me and then I go and make my own toned-down version of whatever it is I noticed. Also, even if my personal style gravitates in another direction, I admire people like Fanny who don’t take fashion seriously and are having fun with expressing themselves.


Are you color shy when it comes to your style or do you eat rainbows for breakfast? Share with us in the comments and if you have any fave girls you follow for inspo please leave us the link below.

Ivona Josipovic

Ivona Josipovic is a co-founder of The Smoke Detector, writer, fashion stylist, social media manager, curious creature, chocolate lover.

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