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Birgit Kos model crush

Birgit Kos is a gorgeous model from the Netherlands that is our latest model crush. We’re not the only ones loving her, as the model is on two Vogue covers just this month!

Searching for the perfect swimsuit

Summer means a lot of things for each of us. It’s about relaxing, fun times with friends, swimming and sunbathing and of course – the perfect swimsuit. 

Cool jewellery brands you need to know about

In a rabbit hole known as Instagram, I’ve discovered some cool jewellery brands that are so good I want the whole world to hear about it. It seems like jewellery is doing all the talking with these cool pieces.


Michele Lamy

Michele Lamy is one of the people in fashion that we love (right next to her husband Rick Owens). A person that inspires us to be different and follow our hearts and not what the mass dictates.

Lyn Slater, the Accidental Icon

Lyn Slater’s a modern age style Cinderella that was discovered by chance in NYC. She’s a university professor behind the Accidental Icon blog.

When fashion marries art

When fashion marries art magical things can happen. Discover exciting collaborations that combine art with clothing and accessories.

Rei Kawakubo and the Met Gala

This year the annual Met Gala honoured the amazingly talented Rei Kawakubo, one of my favourite fashion designer and a living legend.

TSD x NewYorkinasOriginals

We are very proud to present to you TSD x NewYorkinasOriginals, a Spanish brand for urban lovers of original high-quality leather sneakers.