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Lex Olsén is a girl with an attitude. When you meet her you feel that she’s one of those lucky people that know exactly who they are and what they want. Besides all that, she is also very beautiful; she has that intriguing beauty that may not fit the standard norms and that’s exactly what makes it even more special. This ginger girl comes from Sweden and, as she is a true professional, shooting with her is a pleasure. Her mother agency is Seeds Management in Berlin but you can find her modeling all around Europe, and we are sure, around the world soon.

Tell us how did you get into modeling? Was it something you pursued or you were discovered by chance?

Hhmm, i think i got into it by always filling in for friends, or friends of friends who had a model that canceled because of sickness. I found it very exciting to be a part of something i never thought i could do. The first time i ever stepped out on a catwalk was when i was 16 and followed my friend to a hair show for Schwarzkopf in Sweden,  they liked me and decided i would be in the show as well. They did something really crazy with my hair and i looked horrible with some neon color! But we had so much fun!

Were you interested in fashion before you started working in the industry?

Yes, i was more interested in fashion before i started than I am now, when I’m in it… I think it’s because I want to have a healthy distance to it. Also, not taking everything  so seriously is better sometimes ; )

People usually don’t realize that modeling can be a hard job to do. Do you have some special way of preparing for the shoot/runway?

Just having a good day I suppose. I don’t really have any tips for it. I’ll try to calm myself down before a runway by breathing and thinking about something else, not about all the stress around me. For a shoot,  just try to really understand what the photographer wants from you and go for it.

What is it, in your opinion  that separates best models from the rest of the crowd? Is the key to making it big pure luck of being in the right place, having the right look, walk, agency…?

Some people think it’s luck, or fate, some people don’t believe in the right place or karma… I think it’s about support. You need to have an agency that believes in you, you need to get good contacts, and marketing of course. Need to sell your self in a good way, be out there and fight to be noticed, to discover who you are and what you stand for! It’s a hard competition. I mean there are so many girls out there trying their best. Maybe you do need a bit of luck as well, but if you don’t know what to do with it, there’s no point even if the opportunity is right in front of your nose. If you know what i mean.

What’s the secret behind your beauty? We know you have some interesting blood mix in you that might be responsible for your ‘out-of-this-world’ beauty. What are your favorite products that you can’t live without?

Haha!! Yes, well thank you : )

I normally have a very good skin, but I’m super sensitive! I never tan, I’ll try to be out of the sun or to have a factor of like 50! I use products as well, and I could not live without them. It’s all ecological and high quality. It is called GNLD and you can not buy it in stores, my mother is a seller and the whole family and all her friends are using it, so it’s always been in the house since i was little. She doesn’t have a single wrinkle and I’m hoping I will turn out just like her!!

The trick is also to never start changing products all the time, your skin gets confused and you will never see any results.

What do you enjoy about modeling the most? And what’s the thing that annoys you?

The Traveling, of course!! And all the friends you make along the way from so many countries, that you would have never met otherwise.

There is some bad stuff as well  but what I can’t stand is the jealousy and negativeness in people or when i feel it myself for someone else! It’s a struggle that i don’t like and I’m trying to understand and to learn everyday to see differently, and to be comfortable with my own skin. : )

What is style for you and how would you describe your own?

hmm… Style… For me it’s personality. It helps you to be the one you feel like being..

My style changes all the time. Sometimes you get a different mood than the week before when I maybe just wore different leggings for a while, and then i wake up one day and i just wanna wear dresses!! But looking in my wardrobe, there is 95% black!! The rest  would be a mix of print, blue or silver..

BUT, I’m still a punk in my heart since my teenage rebelling and it comes out sometimes ; )

Where do you like to shop and what is the city that has the best street style? Do you like big brands or are you a flee market kind of girl?

I’m that type of a girl that already has a sketch in my head of what i want to wear, and then i go looking for something that is as near to it as possible. I usually don’t go out shopping and grab something just because  I’m out shopping… So I’m more on a mission! I like to research which stores I should go to before and not waste my time walking around.

So I’m in flee markets, second hands, and brand stores. I’m everywhere where my garment could be!!

What are the goals you’re striving for now? What do you see yourself doing after modeling, would you like to stay working in fashion or you want to change to something completely new?

I love what I do, and I want to do it for as long as possible! But my interests are many, I would stay somehow in the business yes! It’s a big business with a lot of different departments : )

Only the future knows where I will lead myself and how many things I will try out! Experience takes you the furthest!!

Favorite designers, magazines and photographers. Why them?

I don’t really have favorite designers or photographers, or so on.. I’m more on favorite pieces of garments or designs, or favorite pictures, poses or themes. It’s what inspires me! What I really want to wear or who I want to be!

Any other words, quotes, mantras you feel like sharing with the world?

Stay positive!!! And have a big imagination and acceptance <3

And now:

-coffee or tea: Coffee

-chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate

-summer or winter: Autumn

-morning or night: Night

-comedy or horror: Comedy

-movies or reading: Movies

-Berlin or Milan: Depends on what

-jocks or nerds: Nerds!

-piercings or tattoos: Tattoos

-Halloween or Christmas: Christmas

Tack så mycket Lex for squeezing us into your schedule! Keep rocking girl and best of luck in the future from the TSD team! To keep up with Lex join her official Facebook page right here.

Ivona Josipovic

Ivona Josipovic is a co-founder of The Smoke Detector, writer, fashion stylist, social media manager, curious creature, chocolate lover.

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