Conversation with Frank Turner

A while ago we fell in love with his music, so it was only normal to want to find out more about him. One of the best things we found is that Frank Turner is one of those artists that even though he is quite famous, he still has a lot of respect for his fans.

by Brantley Gutierrez
by Brantley Gutierrez


His songs are telling the story of his life, a story in which everyone can find themselves in. His beats make you dance and forget about the awful day you just had. Get a drink, blast out those stereos and sing along.

Right now Frank  is touring in America, but he was kind to find some time and answer a few of our questions. So press “Play” and start reading.

  • Tell us something that not many people know about you.

Most of what I want people to know about me is out there, what with the internet, wikipedia and the amount of press that I do. The rest is personal…

  • Is there something that you would change in your career path? If yes, what?

No, not really. I didn’t exactly take the easy route to get here, and there have been decisions I’ve taken which might not have been the best, but I’m pretty happy with how things are right now and I think all that shit was part of getting here.

I’m leaving tomorrow but I could leave today.

  • What advice would you give to the 18 years old you?

I wouldn’t – again, the finding out is the important part, you have to learn the lessons somehow. Maybe I’d say to take more care physically, but nothing more than that.

  • After all this years do you still get stage fright?

Occasionally. If we are doing a show that is out of my comfort zone, then yes. It’s not necessarily about big shows, just about things I’m not used to. I played at my nephew’s primary school the other day and that scared the hell out of me.

  • What’s your motto in life?

I’m leaving tomorrow but I could leave today.

  • How does a relaxing day look for you?

Staying still, reading, eating good food, drinking good wine.

If I come off stage anything less than totally exhausted, I feel like I haven’t tried hard enough.

  • In your concerts you are very energetic, it seems like nothing can stop you. From where do you get all that energy, is there any ritual you have before going on stage?

Not really. I grew up going to punk rock shows, and there’s something about that level of energy and commitment that carries over in what I do now. If I come off stage anything less than totally exhausted, I feel like I haven’t tried hard enough.

  •  You put your life stories out there through your lyrics; you seem like an open book, but are you actually like that in real life too?

There is a line between the personal and the public, of course, I keep a fair amount of myself guarded, I have to, for my sanity. But I also like my music to be honest. The stories are true.

  • by Brantley Gutierrez
    by Brantley Gutierrez

    There are voices saying that punk is dead, what do you think? Is punk dead? Could punk ever die?

I couldn’t care less.

  • How many tattoos do you have by now and do people look at you differently because of them? Also did your mom find out about the inside lip tattoo?

Around 40 or so. I guess people do look at me differently, particularly because of my finger tattoos, but it doesn’t bother me. My ma doesn’t know yet, I don’t think, but I doubt she’d be surprised.

  •  What’s the one quality you appreciate the most in people? 


  • Do you have a message for all your fans out there?


by Ben Morse
by Ben Morse

We want to thank Frank for his time and we wish him tons of luck. Kick them where it hurts!

And for you guys, if you hear he will play in your town, you have to go to his concert. For sure you won’t regret it!

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Doina Tatu is a co-founder of The Smoke Detector, social media manager, writer, art lover, dog-petter, music listener.

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