Tizzy’s NY Bar and Grill

Milan is full of bars, pubs and restaurants. Sometimes the large variety of choices melts you down and you find yourself in a big dilemma: where to go?

We lived in Milan for a while and the answer to that question got a lot easier after we discovered Tizzy Beck’s American bar. That was the place where after a few months of living in a foreign country we got to feel like home again. No, it’s not because we are Americans or because someone there was from our countries, but it’s because people there are like in a big family and the atmosphere is very warm and cozy. Let alone the fact that everybody speaks English, and sometimes the bartender speaks even your own language. Actually, most of the bartenders speak several languages and they are always open, with a smile on their face and eager to help.

The food? A large variety of burgers, even if you are a vegetarian you can get a really tasty one. But if you are not the burgers kind of person, Tizzy’s N.Y. Bar & Grill could offer you some really good french fries or if you need sugar in your life go for brownies or the cheesecake.

The owner of the bar, Tizzy Beck is an American that left US and the fashion industry (of course there was something about fashion, in Milan everyone is related to it somehow) to come to Italy and to realize her dream of opening a restaurant.

Since you used to work in fashion, tell us what made you decide to open a bar and not a clothing store, and do you find some connection between food and fashion?

As I got older I began to really question what it was that I wanted to do. Opening a restaurant had always been a dream of mine. Food is and has always been my passion. As much as I enjoyed working in fashion, I never felt fulfilled. There is a definite connection between food and fashion. Eating top quality food in an interesting environment is comparable to wearing a well made piece of clothing. Food and fashion both require good taste.

What is it that sets Tizzy’s apart from the other bars in Navigli area?

I think what sets Tizzy’s apart from the rest of the locals on the Naviglio is that when you are here you don’t feel as if you are in Milan. I believe there is a certain energy at Tizzy’s that you don’t find at the other places.
What’s the one burger that everyone should try when they visit Tizzy’s?

I think the classic Ellen and Norman would be the one to try.
Did you manage to fulfill your expectations or owning a bar has turned out to be different than what you thought?

My expectations have definitely been fulfilled, although there is still more that I would like to do. I had no prior experiences in the restaurant industry so I didn’t have many expectations. I just knew I wanted to open this restaurant. It has been incredible, an insane amount of work but I truly love it.
Can you tell us some funny story about the place?

I laugh every single day at work. I can’t pinpoint one story. Everyday is a new adventure here. You never know what will happen or who will walk through the door. All the staff here is one big family and we are laughing with each other all the time. Thankfully everyone gets along, makes for a nicer work environment.

So after all you don’t have to go to America to taste the real American burger, you just have to go to Milan on Naviglio Grande!

Doina Tatu

Doina Tatu is a co-founder of The Smoke Detector, social media manager, writer, art lover, dog-petter, music listener.

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