Art by Helen Ahpornsiri

I have recently come across Helen Ahpornsiri‘s art and I have to say I like it very much (I might get one of her works for my house). What makes Helen’s art more special than others’ is that she is using pressed plants to depict other wild lives. Her attention to details is amazing and the colours of her work are somehow very calming and relaxing for me.

Helen Ahpornsiri

Her art seems so fresh (seems weird because, well, it’s made of pressed plants – which are not that fresh) and it just makes you happy by looking at it. I think she’s one of the not so many contemporary artists that know how to make you pass through a series of feelings when looking at her work. And don’t get me started about the patience it must require to make such art.

So needles to say she acquired a new fan. If you too like Helen Ahpornsiri’s work, you can follow her on Instagram and check out more of her art here. If you want to buy some of here works, you can do so here, and then you must, I repeat, must! let us know what you went for. 🙂

(via ThisIsColossal)

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