A mesmerizing concert by Diego Esposito

When you are in a relationship with a musician you will be dragged to attending many concerts. Many!! (Either their concert or a friend that’s “doing this gig”) You might not always like it, but then there are the times when you will love it! That happened to me last night. My boyfriend is playing in this new band and they’re actually doing music that I enjoy a lot, but until last night I have never heard them play together.


Let me create the ambiance for you – so we get in this little bar, they set everything up and we wait for people to arrive and the music to start flowing. The music is written and sang by Diego Esposito, a little Italian man that when he starts singing you just stop breathing not to lose a note or a word. His songs are in Italian and every piece has a special story behind, like he’s opening up in front of you and shows you his life until that point.

The sound was amazing, it was  better than everything I have ever heard, the instruments together created this magical world that you wanted to stay in forever.

As I said the place was little but packed. Have you ever been at a concert where no one would go out, not even for a minute to smoke a cigarette or you know… pee? I haven’t. Not until last night.

The drummer (Luke Ciambrone) was amazing, giving everything his acoustic drum set could give, the guitarist (Steve Molteni) was playing his guitar like it has never been played before and the keyboard player (Antonio Accarino) was hitting every key with all the passion stored inside of him. I guess it’s needless to add anything else about the singer. It all finished with standing ovations.

Diego Esposito

So if you are in Italy and you hear about any of their concerts, do go and attend, for sure will you not regret it! You can follow their development on Diego’s Official Facebook Page or on Instagram.

Davvero una fantastica serata, grazie a tutti! #def #aboutlastnight

Posted by Diego Esposito Flo on Friday, August 26, 2016

(That’s the best pic I took, not proud of it but I had to give you at least a little piece of the concert.)

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