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Sometimes, if you’re lucky enough, you cross path with certain kind of special people. For me Bela Della Corte is one of those. As she’s a very dear friend of mine I feel a bit weird trying to write this introduction, as none of the words that come to my mind are good enough to talk about her. To avoid getting too emotional here (I haven’t seen Bela since 2012 – insert sad emoji here) I will just tell you that she is an over all extraordinary person that also happens to be very talented. Bela Della Corte is a photographer from Brazil that captures emotions through her images. What I also like about her photos is that they tend to reflect so much of who she is. Discover more about this uprising photographer, book-worm and beautiful soul in our interview.

Bela Della Corte

Who is Bela Della Corte in 3 words? 

Lost in mist.

How did you first get interested in photography? 

I was about 7 years old playing with my first toy camera. I remember how magic the city became through my plastic Kodak. Somehow I felt invisible, I could see every little thing in a way I never did before. It was pure magic, I fell in love!

What is your favourite kind of photography to capture? 

Nowadays I understand photography in another perspective. Of course there are specifc techniques for any “kind” of photography but in the end you are always doing the same thing: constructing an image! This is the special thing in our job and now I see that it doesn’t matter if you are at a fashion, portrait or still life shooting, you’re creating an image.

Bela Della Corte

What equipment do you prefer to use when you’re shooting to achieve best results? 

I love it so much when I can use sun light.

If you could photograph any person, dead or alive, who would it be and why? 

Simone De Beauvoir. She represents so much to me, all her strength, her ideals and what she did for me, as a woman. It would be priceless making a picture of her.

The moment in your career so far you are most proud of? 

The moment I realised that I could pay my bills by doing what I love.

Who is your favourite photographer and why you find her/his work to be so special? 

It’s not easy to pick just one favorite but, in this moment, I’m crazy about Ellen Rogers. There’s something in her work that I can’t understand, that hypnotised me and at the same time that made me see the world in another perspective.

Bela Della Corte

Is a picture really worth a 1000 words? 

For sure, also because a 1000 words are not always meaningful.

What inspires you? 

Every single aspect of my culture such as religion, food, nature, music etc. Brazilian culture is so inspiring!

If you were a super hero what would be your super power?

Invisibility for sure!

To discover more about Bela’s work visit her website and Facebook page.

P.S. Did you recognise me in one of the photos? Little hint, look for a tall ginger girl with messy hair 😉

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