Fu*k it! moments

I’ve been talking with my sister and we came to the conclusion that the world has become obsessed with positivity. All the media and life coaches or gurus (or whatever it is that you call those people) are telling us to think positive and be positive. You need to chase away your negative thoughts and just start being happy all the time. Now, happiness and positivity are both things that I like a lot, but let’s face it, we are only humans and as such we are not made to be freaking smiling all the time. So I am here today to call bullshit on some of these modern world philosophies and tell you that it’s ok to have a Fu*k it! moment every now and then. Let’s see why those moments are necessary for us and how they can even be beneficial.


I’ve seen The Secret and I’ve read some books that teach us about thinking positively and I will say that I found some good points in there. I like that I now feel more aware of my thoughts and I’ve learned which ones require my attentions and which ones I should just let slide. I use my emotions as sort of a compass that tells me if things in my life are ok or I’m off the track. I have days when everything feels wonderful and days when I want to bite people’s heads off (PMS days mostly, those can be a bitch interesting).

When stormy days come along I feel it is better to acknowledge them as such, instead of trying to hide the clouds under the carpet. It’s ok to have a bad day. It’s ok to call a friend and tell her/him what an idiot your boss was that day. It’s ok to go home and cry if you feel like everything inside you is boiling up. We need to let it all out in order to get better. We need to go through that emotional process instead of trying to chase it away and hide it behind a fake smile or a positive thought. Sometimes you will get sad, angry, upset, or frustrated and that’s all natural. Go through your emotions and learn to express them. What is important is not to let them rule over you. Don’t hide them inside because there’s this trend in the society that tells us we need to be happy all the time. Swallowing your emotions, and especially in the long run, can do a lot of damage to your mental health. So, when the clouds show up scream Fu*k it, blow some stem off and remember that after the rain always comes the sun.

Ivona Josipovic

Ivona Josipovic is a co-founder of The Smoke Detector, writer, fashion stylist, social media manager, curious creature, chocolate lover.

  1. We need to go through that emotional process instead of trying to chase it away and hide it behind a fake smile or a positive thought. so true!

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