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You know of our love for jewellery of all kinds, materials and shapes. I think that both D and I like statement pieces that tell a story, but don’t overshadow you or your whole outfit. I love jewellery because I collect it from my travels and I have some pieces that I got as gifts, and it’s that history that makes me connect to a bracelet or a ring. It’s never about the brand or the price, but the emotion and memory. Books tend to make me feel that way too, so when I saw the combination of both (books and jewellery) I was super intrigued. Let’s see how Jeremy May transforms vintage books into rings, bracelets and pendants.

Jeremy May

Interesting textures grabbed my attention right away, but I didn’t realise that all those layers were made from pressed pages of books! To make his work even more special Jeremy May, the London-based artist, only creates from books that he finds inspiring. The words are often not seen on the final product, but make for your own little secret detail. The whole process starts with Jeremy laminating together  hundreds of paper sheets. Then he cuts the shape of the piece that he’s creating, and gives it a high gloss coating at the end. He often returns to book’s original pages to capture photographs of his finished products. It’s really interesting seeing cut out in the book next to what was created out of it.

Jeremy May

We are in love with this uniques jewellery and all the stories behind it. If you’re in NYC till 25th of April you can see May’s work at PR Gallery as a part of group exhibition called “Read and Worn: Jewelry From Books”. To discover more about his work visit his website and check out his pieces. 

Ivona Josipovic

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