Must See Fashion Documentaries – part 2

You know of our love for movies, and lately especially documentary ones. When you study fashion watching some of these movies is a homework for you, as it’s a very interesting opportunity to peek into a usually very closed and private fashion world. It is perfect for all the curious lovers of fashion, design and all things pretty. So, we continue the must see fashion documentaries list with its second part (see the first one here). Let’s get inspired with some of the biggest names in fashion’s history.

The Secret World of Haute Couture opens the locked doors of world’s most prestigious garments and their owners. Couture is a very special part of fashion that is just a distant fantasy to many. But, a certain group of wealthy clients enjoys and appreciates the attention and skills that go into creating these delicate pieces. Enjoy Paris, gorgeous clothes and exclusive look at some private collections with this film.

Unzipped is centered around the work of fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi. Although it has been almost twenty years since it was released (in 1995) this film is still a little treasure. It offers a look back at the fashion history and helps us realize how much has changed. Taking place in the 90’s when the phenomenon of supermodels started happening, it has appearances by Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista and Kate Moss.

must see fashion documentaries

Lagerfeld Confidential shows us the world of Karl Lagerfeld, or at least a part of it. Designer that has been working for Chanel for over twenty years is quite famous for his work, but also his eccentric behavior and mysterious past. He is not the one to sit and talk openly about himself (”I don’t want to be real in other people’s minds,” he declares. ”I want to be an apparition.”) So, you can expect to be entertained by Karl’s wit and to peek behind the scene at his work for Chanel.

McQueen and I is a profile of British fashion designer Alexander McQueen. This highly creative but troubled soul passed away after committing suicide in 2010. The film examines his rise into the fame and most crucial relationships in his life, like the one he had with his muse Isabella Blow. She is often credited for discovering McQueen and helping him make a name for himself. This tragic story reveals the lives of these highly missed creative individuals.

Yves Saint Laurent as another gentle creative person whose life was not easy. A documentary called L’amour Fou follows Yves’ long time partner Pierre Berge that is make an auction to sell their art collection. Besides talking about the rich history that stays written into the pages of fashion world forever, this movie will make you feel the pain of two lovers separated by the death.

Hope you enjoyed our must see fashion documentaries list. If you have any other movies to add please share in the comments bellow. I’ll be happy to discover some new ones and I promise to do it with a huge bowl of pop corn 😉

Ivona Josipovic

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