This month we’ll be… April 2016

After March, when we first started doing these round ups of plans and dreams, now it’s time to see what we’ll be up to in April 2016. Spring is here (though some days you wouldn’t really say so) and we are ready to kick some ass. We have many ideas and desires, but probably the biggest point on our list is to be happy. Here’s the rest:

I’m listening to…

Iv – Garance Dore’s Pardon My French podcast that I love!

D – Whatever hits my radio, Spotify, Youtube feed.

I’m reading…

Iv – Last time I bragged about reading multiple books, and let’s just say two of those are still on my table. But, I did read another one in-between and I’m starting with Norwegian Wood by Murakami (just started it today, actually).

D – Still going on one of the books from the last time. Also I need to add that I love!


I’ll be wearing…

Iv – My new Adidas sneakers that are pink and have 3 white stripes and I love them a lot. And my dad has the same ones just in blue, not sure if that’s a cool fact or not but I felt like sharing.

D – My new outfit from And Iv, I think that’s cute!

I’m grateful for…

Iv – The time I spend with my family.

D – The time I spend with my family and for having amazing friends.

I look forward to…

Iv – More outside running sessions. It felt so good to replace treadmill for grass and sweaty gym air for fresh one haha.

D – Traveling a bit more.

I can’t resist…

Iv – Raspberries. I am totally crazy about them. I have some frozen ones from last summer and I hope my supplies will last till the fresh ones arrive.

D –Peanut butter and gelato… maybe not together haha.

I’m inspired by…

Iv – Nature and spring. And the birds singing. The Sun shining. Nature is waking up and I feel like I have this big energy boost from it. Let’s hope it lasts 😉

D – My Iv that is very tough and doesn’t fall so easily, all my friends actually for being brave and my dog for being really stubborn (which yes, it’s not that good, be the fact that he won’t give up so easily gets to me).

That’s it, guys. Have a great April and we’ll see you with our new list in May.

Ivona Josipovic

Ivona Josipovic is a co-founder of The Smoke Detector, writer, fashion stylist, social media manager, curious creature, chocolate lover.

  1. Enjoy the running sessions and I love the sound of your Adidas trainers (matching with your dad? cool points, for sure! haha). Hope your week is going well so far…

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