5 most colourful cities in the world

These days the weather forecast got us a bit down, as the weather is as moody as ever. So, we thought that a little trip around the world might be a good idea, at least here virtually. For the latest Thursday Travels, we decided to add a bit of colours and choose five most colourful cities in the world. We dare you not to smile just looking at these amazing places. If you have some more suggestions to add to our list of five, feel free to add them in the comment section bellow and we’ll be happy to check them out.

Cinque Terre (Italy) is a city that was “reborn” after the flood of 2011 when 60 Italian and foreign artists came to repaint it and bring it back to life. We would say they did an amazing job and the rest of the world agrees as this is a very popular tourist destination.

colourful cities

“Painted Ladies”, part of Lower Haight district of San Francisco, has happy houses that make any passerby smile. At first they were all grey, but in 1963 Butch Kardum had the courage to stand out and paint his house blue. If at the beginning the neighbors were a bit reluctant, they soon followed the trend and we’re happy they did.

colourful cities

San Juan, Puerto Rico is another city that can get your mood up just by strolling through its picturesque streets.

colourful cities

Chefchouen, Morocco is a city painted in blue, a tradition that was started in the ’30 by the Jewish refugees and is still alive even in our days. As we love blue this place is on our dream traveling list. So beautiful!

colourful cities

Guanajuato is the most colourful city of Mexico. Nicknamed “the city of frogs” because of its shape, Guanajuato is a former silver mining city and part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

colourful cities

Doina Tatu

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  1. I love being in and around color, it excites and inspires me, so I really enjoyed this post! The artists did a great job indeed reconstructing the area after the flood. By adding color, I’m sure it lifted the mood of all the locals, while inspiring tourists! Thanks so much for SHARING, girlie, and I hope you have a great weekend!



  2. Ooh, I very much like the CONCEPT of sharing bright, BEAUTIFUL and colourful places from around the world! Out of those shared in this post, my favourite has to be Cinque Terre in Italy – I visited many years ago and loved it!


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