Model Crush – Nibar Madar

They call her the new Bar Refaeli, and even though we do not support this kind of comparison (because we are all unique and no one is the new someone, we are just our own selves), we have to agree they are both drop dead gorgeous. Nibar Madar is her name and we will soon (if not yet) hear it all over the world.

She is 20 years old and ready for success. Though she is a bit caught up with the 2 years she has to do in the army, we are sure we’re gonna see more of her after does finish. Her modelling career started when she was in high-school and her parents sent a picture of her to a modelling agency in Tel Aviv, and we’ll they weren’t just being parents and going “oh my baby is the most special one out there”, they were actually right. After that she started to appear in fashion magazines, advertising and we started to find out a bit more about her.


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If you want to follow Nibar and be updated on her career, you can follow her on Instagram here.


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