Traveling the seven seas

If you are at least a bit like us, then probably you are always in a great search of places that would give you the tranquility that you are longing for. And usually a place near the water is the best source for that. The sea can help you find yourself and find answers to every question of your life. You just have to know how to listen to it and how to disconnect from the modern world, even just for a few minutes. The sea was always an inspiration for poets, painters and many artists in general. There is the place where you don’t need any mask anymore, there is where you can show your true self because you know that the water will never judge, will only be the friend you need.

traveling pic by Mihai Tozaru


Mihai Tozaru a.k.a Mimi is one of those lucky people that got the chance to travel a lot around the world and to see some of the best places there are. In his photographs the sea and the sky sing the same tune. They mix with a great power making you understand how little and weak you are in the face of nature.  Traveling mostly by water, he managed to catch different moments from deep tranquility to great torments. What started as a hobby, is developing slowly into a profession, we might say.


We gathered here some of his best work (at least in our opinion) and we hope you’ll enjoy it too. If you want to follow Mimi in his journeys, go and like his Facebook Page. Also there you can see most of his work until now.

Doina Tatu

Doina Tatu is a co-founder of The Smoke Detector, social media manager, writer, art lover, dog-petter, music listener.


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