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As we continue our trip around the world and discovering some wonderful friendly places, we take you to Belgrade today. The capital of Serbia is a unique place with amazing energy, city that was rebuilt from its ashes for 38 times but never gave up. The wonders this city is offering are many, and we recommend visiting it. If you do plan a trip or you’re already in the area we have a special treat for you.


All Nut is a shop placed in Belgrade Design District. They offer you products that can feed your body inside and out. They use ingredients that were thrown away by others, and were actually super nutritious. We are talking about prune pits and oil that was produced from them that proved to be very healthy, tasty and of high quality.

So, All Nut offers a big variety of artifacts that are based on Eco principles, don’t have harmful chemicals and are for beauty as well as for cooking. Treat your skin with body lotions, oils and soaps that are made from natural ingredients, and cannot only make you prettier but healthier as well. Also if you want to experiment in the kitchen, use one of their oils and flours and discover new healthy dishes that taste amazing.

Their store is very lovely and they will greet you with a smile and you can feel through the energy that those people are there to do what they love. We are always happy to sense that someone is following their dreams and pouring their soul into what they do.  Let’s see what Jasna and Miroslav, people behind All Nut brand, had to share with us.

How did you decide to start your business and what was it that inspired you to do it?

 For many years we have been thinking about presenting Serbian products in a completely different way than it was done. Talking to our friends four years ago gave us an idea to start with the business and introduce brand new Serbian product, so far not seen in our region, and yet, made out of raw materials that can be found all around the country-prune pits. They used to be a waste, occasionally used for heating, but most of the time just wasted. Prune oil turned to be of a premium quality, with numerous usage opportunities.

What is the concept behind All Nut brand?

We present our business as an oil workshop and eco art. All nut brand is dedicated to those who enjoy experiments in kitchen, love new tastes and appreciate natural handmade cosmetic products.

 Our concept is to offer designed Serbian products of premium quality (“za jelo i telo”), produced with accordance to ecological requirements, and present it in interesting interior surrounding.

Interior is extremely important to us, as it also represents our concept, in a sense that nothing is to waste. We use old interior elements and furniture, redesign them, and bring them back to life.

All Nut

 What is the main characteristic of all of your products?

 All of our products are natural, body products are handmade, with no harmful additives and preservatives.

Edible oils come with numerous health benefits, as all cold pressed oils they are good in preventing arteriosclerosis, high cholesterol levels. They contain high amounts of unsaturated fat acids, and are rich in vitamins B group and E. Being good for the diet, these oils are valuable as base oils in cosmetic products. So, each of our cosmetic products contains at least one of our oils.

 What is the one All Nut product that you personally can’t live without?

 Prune kernel oil, hazelnut butter, facial lotion for day and prune body lotion.

Why did you choose Belgrade Design District for your shop’s location?

BDD is an attempt to gather creative people from Serbia and give them opportunity to work and grow. It is young and energetic, different from the rest of the town. However, Cumicevo sokace is a place with a history. Back in 90′s it had its golden days. Late nineties until 2,5 years ago it was empty, remote place, reminding Belgrade people of the times no one wanted to remember. Reviving old place with new energy is a lot similar to what we actually do in our production, use waste to create something new and fresh, redesigning old items breathing them with new life.

Can you tell us one of your secret recipes?

This one is very easy.

Prune oil Chocolates

Melt the 200gr dark chocolate with 3 tablespoons of plum kernel oil. Prepare about 20 paper cups for cakes (the smallest ones), fill them up to half with the melted chocolate, put cherry (or other red berries) into each cup and pour the remaining chocolate to the top. Allow to cool at room temperature until thickens.

If you are nuts about All Nut as we are join their Facebook page for more amazing recipes, photographs and news and visit their lovely store when you get the chance, you won’t be disappointed!

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