Are romantic comedies ruining love?

He is running through the airport staring at his watch as he knows that she’s about to get into her plane at any moment now. He rushes through the crowds while dramatic music is following and just in the last second, he yells her name and she turns around and sees him. Blah, blah, blah – you know how it goes. There are a few very romantic cheesy scenes from romantic comedies that make me wanna throw up. And it’s not only these scenes that make me hate romantic comedies, but I find this whole concept of fairytale stories made for big girls very irritating.

romantic comedies

When I was a little girl, my favourite cartoon was The Little Mermaid. What can I say – I loved her hair and thought that her prince was quite charming. Now that I’m a bit older, I don’t fall for those kinds of stories anymore. In cartoons we have a prince and a princess, while in romantic comedies we have a boy and a girl that are usually a horrible match, but somehow we end up cheering for them to end up together. It is often that a nice girl meets a bad boy, but she changes him. I do believe in power of love, but starting a relationship with someone who you want to change is usually not a good start. We have a guy that has commitment problems, but near the end he realises that he doesn’t want to lose her. That’s why he was running through the airport at the beginning of the story. In real life when guys have commitment issues if you leave them (and at some point you probably will) they will just swipe a couple of times for a new Tinder date. See, love is great, but it’s not in any means similar to what rom-coms are showing us. Love can be hard, messy, complicated and even if it doesn’t involve some guy singing under your window in the rain, it is still filled with magical moments. I want more movies about those little things that really make the romance and the connection between two people. I think we need to appreciate those more and just be real. A modern girl doesn’t need a prince charming anyways.

Ivona Josipovic

Ivona Josipovic is a co-founder of The Smoke Detector, writer, fashion stylist, social media manager, curious creature, chocolate lover.

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