Everything you can imagine is real – Haute Papier

Our love for Swedish designers and artists in general grows bigger everyday. Their talent makes us want more and more.

HAute papier
Clyde Archer by Karolina Henke

We’ve told you about our love for Swedish designers several times before, like here and here, but it feels like our love grows bigger and bigger every time we hear news about them. This time is Bea Szenfeld to amaze us yet again. A few years back when we first learnt about her, we jumped on the computer to tell you fast how much we were enchanted by her unusual designs – her paper couture collection entitled “Haute Papier”.

Emma Vetter, photo by Karolina Henke

That collection is now exhibited at the Dansmuseet in Stockholm with images created by The Royal Swedish Opera with Stockholm Graphics, Karolina Henke, Carl Thorborg and Stina Wirsén. There are many great minds behind this project and the result is beyond impressing.

Bottom line, we get two things that we never would’ve though to pair up – dancers and paper. Amazing paper costumes, that is.

So if you are in Stockholm or plan a trip there until 25th of September, you MUST NOT miss it. I certainly hope it will make a “tour” in many other cities and so I could get a change to taste it first hand. Until then, I’ll wait for your impressions.

LATER EDIT: We’ve received information that the exhibition is going to Berlin with the Swedish Institute, you can visit it between 8th and 29th of October.

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