The wind of changes

The world is changing day by day, in so many ways that sometimes it’s even hard to realize. Change is not always bad, of course, but lately it feels like the bad outweighs the good.

I remember being little and thinking that everyone has a good heart. It felt a bit like my mission to make that good part of everyone I’d meet come out. It was a lovely world. Not made of butterflies and unicorns, but made of the goodness in people. Until I started getting hurt. Getting hurt by strangers didn’t feel so bad, but getting hurt by friends, oh that stang so bad.


THEY (to be read as adults) started telling me that it’s not my duty to prove everyone is good. Because it’s not true, not everyone has a good part inside. THEY told me I should care only about myself, put myself first in everything I’d do. It was inconceivable for me. It still is, though a bit less.

Along the years, many punches started to shape me up as a new person. A more mature person, but also a bit more selfish. Though after all this time, I still find it hard to comprehend how people are so mean. And most of all, why? The latest events on the so called “entertainment” scene made me realized that there are many, way too many, mean people out there. And the biggest problem is that their voices are the loudest.

Why would you think that someone would be happy because of someone else’s misery?! Why would you even think that someone DESERVES to be in a life threatening situation?! Are we just hiding behind huge screens waiting to laugh at the problems of other people? I will not say which are the events that triggered this post, but I guess that at this point you can easily realize what I’m talking about.

I think we need a reboot of the system, to start putting people above all. To start showing we do have kindness and warmth in those ice-cold hearts we want to show we have. Being good is not a weakness, if anything, being good is a great strength. Don’t get me wrong, I am not talking about letting people step you over, I am talking about not giving it for granted that everyone WANTS to step you over!

We need a wind of change. And we need it now!

Doina Tatu

Doina Tatu is a co-founder of The Smoke Detector, social media manager, writer, art lover, dog-petter, music listener.

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