Zazac Namoo – painting dreams

Sun Ho Lee is a Korean artist (also known as Zazac Namoo) that will definitely leave you speechless. He describes his paintings as dreamlike, which we couldn’t agree more, looking at any of them you get lost in his dreamy world.

I must say it took me quite a while to write this, because every time I would stop and look at Zazac Namoo‘s work, I would get lost in its beauty. He says that his art talks about social problems, maybe problems that many wouldn’t even notice, but that doesn’t mean they do not exist.

Zazac Namoo

He quit his 16 years career and decided to go for his passion – painting. Like any who would do that, he was very scared at first, but the reaction and love of people all over the world pushed him forward and made him understand it was the right choice.


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Doina Tatu

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