This month we’ll be… December 2016

Can you believe this is the last month of 2016!? The year has really flew by and we’re trying to use the last days to make the best of it before the 2017 starts. Here’s what we’re up to for the remaining part of this year.

I’m listening to…

Iv – I am listening to Lena Dunham’s podcast called Women of the Hour (have to look for it if you are not a fan already). That is also where I came across this song Brutally by Suki Waterhouse that I play on repeat.

D – I am actually trying to listen to new bands, so if you have some to share, let me know.

I’m watching…

Iv – Still a big fan of these shows and not missing an episode!

D – Chelsea by Chelsea Handler on Netflix, I love her!

I can’t resist…

Iv – Magnum ice-cream and almonds. And a warm cup of my new favourite green tea that makes the winter days warmer.

D – Some chocolate once in a while, I am hooked on fruits sugar lately, but once in a while I still feel the need for some sweet-to-make-you-sick chocolate.

I’ll be wearing…

Iv – A bunch of layers as it’s really cold in Stockholm lately. And my fave scarf from Accessorize on top of it all.

D – Comfy clothes and some cute dresses for Christmas (if you have some recommendations where I could find some, hit me!)

I’m crushing on…

Iv – That song I previously mentioned, and my fresh cut hair that makes me feel so much lighter. Weird what effect cutting your hair can have on you. I love it!

D – Pomelo, it has such an amazing good taste and apparently it does really good to your body, if you hadn’t tried yet, I recommend you to do so.

I’m inspired by…

Iv – A book by Luisa Hey that I’m currently reading. It helped me learn to be much kinder to myself, which I feel also helps me be kinder in general (the better you feel in your own skin the better you will treat others, right?).

D – Fitness Blender and the story behind their project, I think from all the fitness “gurus” out there, they are the only ones that knew how to get me hooked on exercising.

I’m grateful for…

Iv – Learning so many lessons this year and being able to say that I am a better person now in December than I was back in January when the year started. Look forward to learning even more in 2017.

D – I’m grateful for this year, I learnt a lot. Looking forward to a new amazing year!

Ivona Josipovic

Ivona Josipovic is a co-founder of The Smoke Detector, writer, fashion stylist, social media manager, curious creature, chocolate lover.

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