X-Ray Photography by Bryan Whitney

Bryan Whitney is a photographer based in New York that has grabbed our attention with his unusual artwork.

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Pinterest is one of my favorite social media platforms for finding new, interesting concepts and people. This is how I found out about Bryan Whitney’s X-Ray photography. Its fragility and maybe purity on some level caught my eye and I needed to know more about the artist and the art.

“Photographer Bryan Whitney is not merely drawn towards process, he pushes process beyond what is expected.”

David Richard Gallery

I found out that Bryan is a worldwide recognized artist, that he studied the Psychology of Art, that he has an MFA in photography and that he received a Fulbright Grant for Lectures on American Photography.

He specializes on installation work and the use of alternative image creation techniques. In the project that caught my attention he uses an x-ray machine to realize the images, to then alter them digitally and sometimes give color to the black and white pictures.

If you want to learn more about Whitney’s projects, do visit his website. If you want to buy some of his work, you can check out his portfolio on David Richard Gallery.

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