This is why we love Jenna Lyons

Jenna Lyons is one powerful woman. She joined J. Crew 26 years ago and has influenced your style more than you know.

Jenna Lyons has conquered us all with her originality while being the creative director at J. Crew. She charmed us with her stylish outfits that dictated a new era. Just to make it clear, sequins during day-time, half tucked in shirt, ball-gown and sweat-shirt, pairing two different kind of prints – yep, that’s all here because of Jenna Lyons.

Her childhood was quite difficult and marked by her struggling with a mild form of incontinentia pigment. She was bullied in school, but she managed to over-pass it with a little help from fashion and, I would say, a lot of strength.

Jenna Lyons is that woman that you pin on your “Style-crush” Pinterest board. And with her it’s not only about style, it’s about attitude, confidence and power. She is the woman every 14 years old girl should aspire to be.

Even though she said several times that she does not like to be called a taste-maker, she is one. And I would say that she is one that every little girl should know about. She is a good example of an elegant, intelligent, and, with the risk of repeating myself, powerful woman.

Her leaving J.Crew might mean the end of an era, but I like to see it as the beginning of a new one. We are sure she will come back to our lives with even more fantastic things. We are sure that we will soon receive that BoF newsletter saying Jenna Lyons is back and better than ever!

Doina Tatu

Doina Tatu is a co-founder of The Smoke Detector, social media manager, writer, art lover, dog-petter, music listener.

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