Michele Lamy

Michele Lamy is one of the people in fashion that we love (right next to her husband Rick Owens).

I remember even now the moment I first learnt about Michele Lamy. I’ve been loving Rick Owens’ work for a while, but I didn’t really know who exactly it was behind the whole creation. While studying for a course, I was focusing on finding out who is Rick Owens, as the brand. And that was the moment I found out that the muse and creative director is actually this fascinating woman with such amazing style.

“Belief is a way to express a memory of your genes.” – Michele Lamy

You can definitely recognize Michele Lamy in a million people. She has this powerful, dark sense of style, yet these mysterious light blue eyes. With her rings, gold plated teeth, black painted fingers and straight (though never perfectly straight) line on her forehead, she creates a style that no one else besides her could ever pull off. She is the muse, the creative collaborator, business and life partner of Rick Owens.

Michele Lamy is a person that inspires us to be different and follow our heart and not what the mass dictates.

5 facts about Michele Lamy

There would be so much to say about Michele Lamy, and I am sure that there’s much more that we don’t know yet. It’s because she likes to keep a low profile and doesn’t talk much about herself. So I’ve decided to give you 5 of the most interesting things about her.

  1. There are many theories about her origins, but she was actually born in a province of France. No gipsies, no witchery, no fantastic dark powers that brought her to Earth 1600 years ago.
  2. In her early 20s, she went to study law, but she decided to drop it all and pursue a career in striptease.
  3. She had one of the most famous cabaret restaurants in Los Angeles – Les Deux Cafes.
  4. Michele is the genius behind the little tint of luxury in Gareth Pugh.
  5. She has a daughter with artist Richard Newton. Scarlett Rouge is an artist on her own. We cannot wait to get the chance to see one of her exhibitions.

I could actually go and ramble on for days on why I am so fascinated by Michele Lamy and why she’s the ultimate style icon. But, I’ll let you judge on your own by checking her Instagram account.

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