Cool jewellery brands you need to know about

Continuing my love affair with Instagram, I have discovered some cool jewellery brands that are so good I want the whole world to hear about them. I also wanna buy too many pieces from them. Like, way too many.

As Doina knows very well (she was stuck with me through my sunglasses period) I have phases of being really into certain clothes or accessories. Like the previously mentioned sunglasses, or jeans and vintage dresses that were around the same time, or my latest obsession that is jewellery. I am currently in love with rings, bracelets and, for some reason, most of all – earrings. My shopping cart is getting filled with interesting, geometric, artistic, cool but not over the top pieces.

I wanna buy earrings like I have five pairs of ears that I need to decorate. I control myself because first, it’s important to have self-control, and second, I don’t wear earrings that much during summer as I don’t like having both them and my sunglasses on (is that weird?). Anyhow, to help myself with being hooked, I decided to share some of my favourite finds, and get you to spend some of your bucks instead. Or, if you’re also trying to spend rationally, we can just stare at these beauties together. I know I will.

Paola Vilas

Paola Vilas is basically a jewellery brand that creates wearable art pieces. It is hard choosing just one favourite from all of their amazing designs. As the website is still in the making, you can check out the pieces on Paola Vilas’ Instagram page.

Otis Jaxon

This piece is soon to become mine. Otis Jaxon is the first brand to get me to order just one earring. If you want the same one you can choose between getting one, or a set. I figured it’s cooler having it just on one side, as a wow factor. I’ll tell you more about it on Instagram when my delivery arrives…

Anne Manns

Another gorgeous brand I came across on Insta. I am so in love with the Golden Garden Collection and could see myself wearing all the pieces from it. Anne Manns has a background in fashion, and I love how she mixes that with her passion for jewellery. Her designs are very modern, yet somehow timeless. When I grow up (financially) I will wear her jewellery.

In case you liked my selection and feel like shopping, but on a budget, I recommend checking out Mango. They had some really nice earrings lately, some even possibly inspired by Paola. Don’t know who was older there, the chicken or the egg, but either way I wish you happy shopping. And please, if you have any cool jewellery brands whose pieces you adore let me know in the comments below.

Ivona Josipovic

Ivona Josipovic is a co-founder of The Smoke Detector, writer, fashion stylist, social media manager, curious creature, chocolate lover.

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