Best Fashion documentaries – part 3

I love fashion and I love documentaries which is why I have a soft spot for fashion documentaries.

Fashion industry built its allure on exclusivity and mystery, so it’s not every day that we get to peek behind the scenes. But, every now and then, a new fashion documentary comes out and it lets us do just that. It opens the doors into this creative world and lets us see and hear things that are normally available just for a few selected ones. I’m a curious soul and a bit of a geek, so I use any opportunity to be the fly on the fashion wall. That is why this is the third part of my best fashion documentaries list. And besides part 1 and part 2, there will be a fourth one coming later this year as soon as I get to see Martin Margiela In His Own Words and a few more upcoming titles. Until then, here come my recommendations that you can watch now.

Franca: Chaos and Creation 

This moving documentary was directed by Francesco Carrozzini, Franca’s son. It is about Franca Sozzani, former editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia of nearly three decades. The film showcases Franca’s incredible career and her influence on fashion. She was a revolutionary force that changed the world of print and fashion. She was not afraid to use Vogue’s pages to talk about controversial topics like pollution and climate change. Editorials and covers produced under her wing used art, photography and fashion to tell stories and shine light on important topics. Enjoy discovering her rich legacy as well as her more private side and her relationship with her son. It’s available on Netflix.

Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes For Lizards 

Manolo Blahnik is one of the best known names in the world of footwear. He creates fairytales for women’s feet. This movie shows his passion for his craft as well as his playful nature. Before watching this I was in love with the shoes, now I am in love with Mr. Manolo himself.

The First Monday in May 

This documentary takes us behind the scenes of setting up the China: Through the Looking Glass exhibition at New York’s Metropolitain Museum of Art. The opening of the exhibitions happens on the first Monday in May and is known as the Met Gala. It was described as “Superbowl of fashion” and the invites include anyone who’s someone in fashion. Legendary Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine, is a chairman of the Institute and approves the invitations herself. This iconic fundraising event has one of the most covered red carpets of the world. The theme of the exhibition is different each year and it’s also dress code for the red carpet. Here you see the wildest fashion fantasies come to life. The documentary was directed by Andrew Rossi and released in 2016.

Chiara Ferragni Unposted 

Released last year, this documentary conquered the world. And how would it not when it follows the life of fashion’s biggest influencer Chiara Ferragni. Chiara, if in some weird case you don’t already know, is an Italian fashion blogger behind The Blonde Salad website. She has made a huge career and built a business from her blog, making her one of the big names in fashion. Her massive following comes not only from her love of fashion but also from her not being afraid to show her vulnerable sides. And Chiara is like that in this film too, honest and open about both her success and challenges in her life. Follow her from LA to Milano and around the world as she works, gives birth to her first child and gets married. Available to watch on Amazon.

7 Days Out 

This one is a docuseries on Netflix that follows excitement and drama leading up to major events in sport, fashion, space and food. I am of course talking about the fashion episode that shows preparations for the Chanel Haute Couture show. What more do I need to say? It’s Chanel and it’s haute couture, and it’s one of the last collections that Karl Lagerfeld worked on. It is truly magical to step into the atelier and see the creation of these stunning pieces. I love this one and plan on watching it again (and again)…


Ivona Josipovic

Ivona Josipovic is a co-founder of The Smoke Detector, writer, fashion stylist, social media manager, curious creature, chocolate lover.

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