The evolution of male red carpet style

When thinking about the most iconic red carpet looks do any men come to your mind?

If you think about it, menswear is way more boring classic than womenswear and especially when it comes to the black tie looks. Men have basically been wearing the same thing to all the red carpet event with slight variations in color and bow ties. The writer Paul Flynn describes it as “a succession of sensationally handsome men looking like fantasy bridegrooms.” Alongside all the looks that the ladies were serving (think about Lady Gaga alone) no wonder they didn’t steal the show.


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The transformation of male red carpet style

That is until recently, when a slight shift started happening and menswear got way more interesting. We have stars like Jarred Leto, Harry Styles, Timothée Chalamet and of course Billy Porter, amongst others, to thank for that. Now don’t get me wrong, there were a couple of style shakers in every decade, but those rebels were exceptions in the style departement. What we’re seeing now feels more like a growing wave. The air is filled with changes and fashion as always reflects it. So I believe that the new choices we’re seeing are not just a trend, but a category on its own that’s here to stay.


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Gender fluidity and the rejection of masculine stereotypes are opening a new very exciting chapter in the history of fashion. It feels like a step forward as well as an hommage to the past, as we mustn’t forget that historically men were wearing make up and we even got them to thank for giving us high heels. So I for one am excited to see how the presentation of more diverse fashions will continue to evolve. It will also help shake things up on the red carpet as more stars can use fashion to truly express themselves. It’s time to break the stereotypes of what a male star should look like created by the movie studios and stars’ agents and publicists. Let’s erase those barriers and expectations and see where this new, more open and diverse period will lead the red carpet style and menswear in general.


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