10 most beautiful bookshops

If you are a bookworm and love getting lost in different stories told by various writers, then you might share the same excitement of walking into a bookshop and getting lost between the shelves looking for your next adventure. Call me old fashioned, but even now with the comfort of ordering books online, I still prefer to go to a store and get my copy there. Trips to the library are also a special joy, flipping through the pages and feeling the smell of books (Hey, I’m not a freak, I am a writer and we have special relationships with books. Even Carrie from Sex and the City agrees with me on that). So, now that you know that about me it won’t come as a surprise that I’m taking you on a little trip around the world to see 10 most beautiful bookshops.

Livraria Lello e Irmao is located in Porto, Portugal. This place will make you will like you are in a Harry Potter movie.

Cafebreria el Pendulo is a must stop for all the book and coffee lovers. Put it on your list in case you are visiting Mexico City, Mexico.

The Last Bookstore in LA has the biggest collection of used and new books and records in California!

Atlantis Books is a charming little place in Santorini, Greece. It’s a perfect place to shop for books while being on a summer holiday.

Shakespear and Company is in Paris, France and it’s not just a bookstore but a piece of literary institution. Founded in 1951, it  lies near the river Seine and skipping to visit it would be a big faux pas.

Popular Kid’s Republic in Beijing, China is a piece of heaven for the little ones. Talk about an amazing design!

Libreria El Ateneo is in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This space that used to be a theatre will take your breath away.

Selexyz Dominicanen bookstore is in Maastricht, Holland. This space used to be a cathedral so the store has quite a unique design.

Cook and Book in Brussels, Belgium is another place on our book map and if you visit it don’t forget to enjoy the ceiling.

The Bookworm is another place on our map in Beijing, China. This store, however, is for adults and it’s made to enjoy a cup of the and a some nice reading.


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