Nido by Robin Falck

Nido is a beautiful house in the heart of the nature built by architect Robin Falck. Started with the idea of building a little nest of his own, Robin managed to create an amazing escape from the city noise.

nido by Robin Falck

The house was build only with local and recycled materials, brought on the construction site by hand, in order to protect the environment. Nido is a two floors cabin that camouflages itself perfectly into nature. The size of the windows welcome natural light into the house and gives a feeling of comfort and peace. The size it’s also perfect to create an almost magical place during nights when you can easily spot the stars.

It took two weeks to build it and Robin Falck put his all heart and energy into it. And you can easily see that. For any nature lover, Nido is the perfect house. It has everything that one would need and it’s far away from anything that could torment you peace and quiet time. We know we would love to have our own Nido (which in italian means bird nest).

To learn more about Robin Falck’s work , check out his website.

[Pictures by Robin Falck]

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