TSD Guide For Best Vintage Shopping in Stockholm

If you like vintage buckle up, as we take you all around town sharing the best places for vintage shopping in Stockholm.

Moving here from Milan I have to say I felt surprised by how many great stores there are for vintage shopping in Stockholm. Don’t get me wrong, while these two cities are very different, they are both great shopping destinations. It just took me a bit more time to discover all the vintage gems that Stockholm streets are filled with. Now that I feel like I’ve mastered it, I am here to be your vintage fairy and share the best spots for vintage shopping in Stockholm.

vintage shopping in Stockholm Judits store

Judit’s / Herr Judit

Judit’s is what vintage dreams are made of. I don’t know what charmed me more – the interior of the store or the selection of garments. This store is for people who are looking for more contemporary pieces. They offer many great brands like Acne and if you’re lucky it may be in your size. The selection of ‘real vintage’ is not that big, but I would recommend visiting either way, as sometimes you can stumble upon some great pieces from the past.

Herr Judit is a menswear vintage store, or actually stores as there are 3 of them! Just like with female version focus is on style and quality.

59 Vintage Store

I have to confess and say that I’ve only heard about this store, but haven’t been there yet. I am a bit scared to go as I fear that they’ll have to drag me out of it. This place is known for its great selection of proper vintage pieces that are in great condition. They only offer womenswear (sorry, guys) and a big selection of accessories. I can already see my money disappearing…

Lisa Larsson Second Hand

Started in 1986, this second-hand shop is a well-known destination for vintage lovers in Stockholm. When first opened, the store had a big selection of pieces going from 1930’s – 1970’s. As those garments are a bit harder to find nowadays, many modern brands can be found at Lisa’s too. Oh, and they offer goodies for both boys and girls.

vintage shopping in Stockholm Beyond Retro store

Beyond Retro

While Beyond Retro is a chain of vintage stores in Sweden and UK, I love this place as it’s just so much fun. Every time I set my foot into this shop I feel like I’m in Madonna’s video from the 80’s! Beyond Retro offers a hectic mix of clothes that go from floral summer dresses to sequins dress with shoulder pads. I warn you, some pieces can be a bit loud, but fashion should be fun, right?


Emmaus has two next door stores that offer great variety! They sell clothes, textiles, books, accessories, toys, etc. It ranges from fancier to more basic pieces, so you really need to take your time and hunt while you’re there. Also, when you enter the store pay attention to their ceiling that’s covered in flowers.

Other affordable places to look into: Roda Korset (Red Cross) / Stadsmission / Myrorna (Salvation Army).

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