Is privacy becoming outdated?

In the time of social media, reality TV, blogs and vlogs, is privacy getting outdated?

Being old enough to remember the world before the internet, I can see certain changes that it brought us, especially in the way the younger generations are behaving. The limits have been shifted, and while we shouldn’t even want to bring them back, it is interesting to observe how all the recent phenomenons like social media platforms are affecting our lives, and shaping the lives of millennials.

privacy in the time of social media

I already talked about FOMO (fear of missing out) making our anxieties go through the roof, and another thing I have noticed evolving with the development of digital age is our sense of privacy. While the young ones are always at the forefront of change, I can’t help but feel uncomfortable with certain ways of behaviour the youngsters are adopting as normal. For example, the other day on the subway a teen felt like it was a good idea to rap in the full train in front of her cellphone and to top it all off with pointing a middle finger at her screen (I guess it was directed at her followers or viewers, don’t really know). I sat there listening and watching feeling shocked/amazed. Are we growing a generation of narcissist that think the world is their stage and they are all stars in their own virtual universes?

In the sea of selfies, belfies, Snaps and Insta Stories where does one draw the line? Kim Kardashian’s story reminded us all that over-sharing can have serious consequences. That is why the queen of social media herself has been taking a break from social media. And while her story (as everything else Kim related) is an exaggerated example, I hope it serves as a lesson to many. It’s ok to keep some moments to yourself. Not everything has to end up online. If you filter the bad moments in your life, and we all know that those don’t make it to perfectly staged feeds, add some filtering process to everything you share. Be aware that the virtual world is (at least for now) just that, a virtual world and don’t find your gratification in likes and comments. Put down the screen occasionally and you will be amazed how much more there is to this world. And maybe you will even feel #blessed.

Ivona Josipovic

Ivona Josipovic is a co-founder of The Smoke Detector, writer, fashion stylist, social media manager, curious creature, chocolate lover.

  1. Great article Ivona! It’s so true. The young generations often prefer sharing their moments on the social media, rather than actually enjoy them. I use my social media rather as a place to show my photography and my view of the world. It has nothing to do wit my everyday life. That’s why I always find it ridiculous, when someone thinks it’s a reflection of my life and I’m all the time at some amazingly beautiful place. haha.


  2. I find it amazing myself. I too come from a time before social media so I know exactly what you mean. And perhaps growing up during such times we’ve got the advantage and smarts to know better (though that doesn’t explain Kim K). I can’t believe how loose everyone is becoming with their privacy and online security. Especially the younger generations, they just don’t seem to care.


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